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Hidden Package complete list.

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Author Topic: Hidden Package complete list.  (Read 348 times)
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« on: June 27, 2009, 05:23:49 am »

Hidden Package Complete List

Hidden Packages - Portland
1.) On top of gas station in Harwood.
2.) Far gate house at ferry port in Harwood.
3.) Edge of natural bridge behind Salvatore's mansion.
4.) Construction site for tunnel in Harwood.
5.) Roof of safe house in St. Marks.
6.) Rubble of destroyed Dolls House in Red Light District.
7.) Second level of construction site in Hepburn Heights.
8.) Behind Ammunation in St. Marks.
9.) Docks behind Vinnie's place in Atlantic Quays.
10.) Roof of large warehouse in Portland Harbor.
11.) Second level of boat in Portland Harbor.
12.) Parking lot East of Basketball courts in China Town.
13.) Near abandoned school buses behind Capital Autos in Harwood.
14.) In open grassy area near police station in Portland View.
15.) On top of shipping containers in Portland Harbor. The shipping containers are right in front of the drop off zone for one of the car collection missions in GTAIII. Use ambulance or something similar to get to package.
16.) Rock island to the north of Portland.
17.) Lighthouse island to the east of Portland.
18.) Roof of factory in Trenton
19.) In motorcycle track (near unique jump) that's on the NW end of the island.
20.) Behind trailer office in bus depot.
21.) Second level of Marco's Bistro in St. Marks.
22.) In an alley w/ garages across the street from the hospital in Portland View.
23.) Second level ledge on the rear of the hospital in Portland View.
24.) Opposite end of Vinnie's warehouse complex in Atlantic Quays. (In between two dumpsters)
25.) In 3 way intersecting alley in China Town.
26.) On roof of El Station in China Town. (use dirt bike to jump from stairs)
27.) In large open hidden area up the hill from the Cipriani Restaurant (you can see the large alley/area on the map) in St. Marks.
28.) Cliffs just south of Salvatore's mansion.
29.) Lying on a girder high up between the road sections on Callahan Bridge.
30.) In between trailers at the Portland Harbor.
31.) Rooftop of white small warehouses (NE) end, Portland Harbor.
32.) Rooftop of Don Kiddick's Sausage Factory in Trenton.
33.) Underneath El station across from Marco's Bistro in St. Marks.
34.) Back alley area in St. Marks. (Right down the hill from the long alleyway)
35.) High on girder underneath Callahan Bridge. (directly above tunnel entrance)
36.) Amid pipes behind car crusher in Harwood.
37.) Behind dumpsters at old hideout.
38.) Planter in middle of main road outside old hideout.
39.) On the grass at the east end of the East-West sea wall that runs along the northern edge of portland.
40.) Behind trailer in construction site in Hepburn Heights. The package is behind an L shaped trailer complex NW of Misty's old place.

Hidden Packages - Staunton
1.) Behind cement ramp thing by docks east of parking lot south of stadium in Aspatria.
2.) In between two dumpsters just south of 8 Ball's in Newport. (2nd level)
3.) On cement walls surrounding large jump. The jump is in the raised median for the highway of sorts that runs under the Callahan Bridge. This jump shoots you over the billboards that line the Staunton side of the bridge.
4.) Hidden behind some dumpsters in a back alleyway where you rescue Salvatore in an early Staunton Mission. The alleyway is in the new mall (Fort Staunton) area that was the construction site in GTAIII.
5.) In tunnel construction site near hospital.
6.) On roof of Staunton Cafe in Fort Staunton.
7.) Behind obelisk in park.
8.) Behind trailer office near Ferry Terminal.
9.) In parking lot south of Stadium.
10.) Behind a jump on the North West end of the island. There's a dirt road right off the curved road that leads to the jump.
11.) Second level of Phil's Gun Store in Bedford Point.
12.) On top of the glass awning in the covered parking area for the large building at the ramp of the Callahan Bridge. It's the building that will be on your right as you come down the ramp into Staunton.
13.) In raised median of road in Torrington. Go out of the casino and go straight, when you hit the road with the median, turn right. You can't miss it, it's up next to a tree.
14.) Corner of cemetery next to church on west side of island.
15.) In doorway of building next to Donald Love's building. Right next to statue area.
16.) Next to a spotlight behind the casino in Torrington.
17.) Resting on support beam that connects the SSV bridge to a building to the south of the bridge. (it's right above the police bribe, use pcj to jump angle lip of bridge, collide with building and fall off onto beam)
18.) Behind ramp on Callahan Bridge. (it's right on the other side of the jump that's closest to Staunton)
19.) Under bridge (NW corner) that crosses the inlet in Fort Staunton.
20.) Behind wall right below cafe in NE corner of Fort Staunton.
21.) East end of Hostital parking lot, in planter.
22.) In the subway near the hospital, by bathrooms.
23.) In the median planter(round one) right at the end of the Callahan Bridge.
24.) Top of white stair and doorway to white court house looking building. It's about one block west of D. Love's building.
25.) By small docks at east side of island in Newport. There's a raised loading platform with ramps at either end. The south end of that ramp is where the package is. It's nestled between a shipping container and the ramp.
26.) Behind cement support beam for road in Newport. From the apartment complex down by the water with the docks, go all the way to the north end of the parking lot, the package is on the other side of the wall in between the pillar and the water.
27.) In Fort Staunton area after it's been destroyed there's a large pot hole in the ground. The building to the north of that has a package on the second level.
28.) NE shore of Staunton between Fort Staunton bridge and the ferry terminal. Walk the shore and you'll find it.
29.) Rock island between Portland and Staunton.
30.) Behind raised sign on an awning. The sign is in the NE corner of Fort Staunton next to a small alley with a loading ramp.

Hidden Packages - Shore Side Vale
1.) Next to blockade in new SSV tunnel.
2.) On the shoreline of the park that's connect by a dirt road to Wichita Gardens.
3.) In doorway of SW apartment building in lower Wichita Gardens.
4.) Behind shipping containers on middle level of the dam.
5.) Near the fork for the loop that goes to the bottom of the dam.[/b]
6.) On the shore of the creek leading to the dam. (airport side)
7.) Left wing of NE most non-hangared airplane.
8.) Behind Western most hangar. The package is between the grass and the back wall of the hangar.
9.) Edge of water at the east end of southern runway.
10.) On raised western ledge inside the airport building. (use pcj to make jump)
11.) In hills north of airport.
12.) In boxed in area (shipping crates) inside airport building. (Use PCJ to make jump)
13.) On ledge in front of airport behind sign. (use PCJ to jump onto roof of firestation and follow the roof around)
14.) Under SSV bridge, right at the base.
15.) In a garage #2 behind the police station.
16.) Roof of warehouse east of Hospital. (use ambulance to scale the wall behind the hospital and then jump onto roof of warehouse)
17.) Behind a dumpster in the rear of D. Love's SSV residence. (This is just east of the warehouse in #16)
18.) On roof of warehouse to the east of #17. The package is next to a jump at the NW corner of the warehouse.
19.) In factory complex behind vertical storage tanks. This complex is in the NW corner of the industrial section of SSV, and is closest to the dam.
20.) On western cliff of SSV near dam. Walk straight west from southern dam entrance, and it will be on the cliff overlooking the sea far below.
21.) At the airport go through the gate and follow the building around to the left. Look for the sign above the wall with the scrolling letters. Use the stairway farther down to jump up there (PCJ works great as usual). The package is right behind that sign.
22.) East of pink house (second house to the west of the Cartel Mansion in GTAIII) in yard.
23.) Behind billboards on the switchback road that leads down to Wichita Gardens. The package is behind the billboards by the parking lot.
24.) In fenced in area behind 8 Ball's.
25.) In planter on NW corner of factory lot. The planter is next to a staircase that's directly across the street from Liberty Pharmaceuticals. This lot is also slightly NE from the warehouse in #16.
26.) Behind billboards on main road after you pass the airport (as you come into SSV from the bridge). This package is found right as the main road turns to the left, there's a billboard that's advertising a watch "Kronos", the package is behind that.
27.) Between striped ramps that are right next to the main runway. If you're looking at your map, they're just north of the center mark on the northern most runway.
28.) In Wichita Gardens, south of the billboard in the SE corner of the lower apartment complex. Follow the shore to the south and you'll find the package.
29.) On hillside between the cartel mansion and Wichita Gardens. Search the hill side right in front of the mansion and you'll find it.
30.) At water level on a walkway in front of the powerhouse at the bottom of the dam.

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Good list!
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